pdf WQ4A Water Chemistry Data for 2018

Results from Island Wide Water Monitoring, Summer 2018


Authors: R.A. Smith

Author Affiliation: LCWC

Journal: LCWC Report; April 2019


Ratings of 2018 water samples fell within expected nutrient ranges for the inner and outer island zones of the Les Cheneaux Islands and reflected high quality water for recreational purposes as has been the case since this type survey began in 2001. Analytical values for all test sites were within range of samples quantified by the Univ Mich Biological Station during the previous five seasons. The relationship of three variables: Total Phosphorus, Soluble Reactive Phosphorus and Chlorophyll-a was different than expected in 2018. Samples from the same test sites will be compared in 2019 to determine if 2018 result were an exception to past findings or an indication of a new
trend. Thanks to those who helped with sample collections during the season: Scott Myers, Lynn Wolters, John Bentley, Neil Williams and Mike Jellison.