pdf Bio Chem Phys Rel in Straits of Mackinac 1976

Biological, Chemical, and Physical Relationships in the Straits of Mackinac

Authors: Claire L. Schelske, Eugene F. Stoermer, John E. Gannon and Mila S. Simmons

Author Affiliation: Great Lakes Research Division, University of Michigan

Journal: EPA, Ecological Research Series, Grant #R802721; October 1976

Abstract: Our nation's freshwaters are vital for all animals and plants, yet our diverse uses of water for recreation, food, energy, transportation, and industry physically and chemically alter lakes, rivers, and streams. Such alterations threaten terrestrial organisms , as well as those living in water.

The Environmental Research Laboratory in Duluth, Minnesota develops methods, conducts laboratory and field studies, and extrapolates research findings

—to determine how physical and chemical pollution affects aquatic life
—to assess the effects of ecosystems on pollutants
—to predict effects of pollutants on large lakes through use of models
—to measure bioaccumulation of pollutants in aquatic organisms that are consumed by other animals, including man

This report, part of our program on large lakes, details our findings in the Straits of Mackinac, that waterway connecting Lake Michigan and Lake

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