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Les Cheneaux Watershed Management Plan

Authors: Pat Carr, Hank Lotoszinski, LCWC Board, LCWC Steering Committee

Author Affiliation: 
LCWC Board: (President) Christine Perreault, Randy Dunn (Vice President), Wendy Wagoner (Secretary), Carol Murray (Treasurer), Phil Milan, Robert Smith, Susan Letts, Jessie Hadley, Lesa Hester, Linda Hudson (Clark Township Supervisor) and Pat Carr (Chippewa/East Mackinac Conservation District Watershed Project Manager).
Steering Committee: Dusty King (Chippewa/East Mackinac Conservation District), Joyce Cram, Jud Brown, Mark Engle, John Torsky, Amy Polk, Jim Struble, and Dave Dunning.

Journal: LCWC

Abstract: Les Cheneaux Watershed Management Plan is a tool for the community to reduce non-point source pollution and plan for the protection of Les Cheneaux area’s natural resources for future generations. The plan provides a description of the watershed including its people and the condition of its aquatic resources. The plan was developed over a two-year period and outlines a detailed strategy for the reduction of point and non-point sources of pollution and the protection of natural features and the designated uses of water. (The Plan Budget is included in the Appendix as a separate document, as are latter additions to the Plan. These are posted to the website separately)

pdf 2_LCWC Dynamic Aquatic Adaptive Management Plan

LCWC Dynamic Aquatic Adaptive Management Plan

Author: Mark Clymer

Author Affiliation: LCWC

Journal: Unpublished addition to LCWC Watershed Management Plan; June 17, 2014

Abstract: The LCWC Dynamic Aquatic Adaptive Management Plan is intended to provide a multiple use comprehensive guide to maintaining, and in some cases restoring, a balanced & sustainable aquatic ecosystem for the benefit of human, fish, animal, & plant communities.
It forms a new addition to the Les Cheneaux Watershed Management Plan of 2006, whose focus was dictated by Section 319 of a Clean Water Act grant, specifically non-source point pollution, erosion, water quality monitoring, low-environmental impact recreational opportunities, and preservation of local environmental and social features.

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Authors: Mark Clymer

Author Affiliation: LCWC

Journal: EPA/GLRI Invasive Species Grant Requirement; June 26, 2011

Abstract: The Policies and Procedures Manual is a guide to the general business operations, financial accounting system, and responsibilities of the Treasurer of the Les Cheneaux Watershed Council . The Les Cheneaux Watershed Council is a not-for-profit organization incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of Michigan with a June 1 – May 31 fiscal year. The Bylaws of the corporation state the mission of the Les Cheneaux Watershed Council is as follows: “The Les Cheneaux Watershed Council will promote the conservation, education, protection, restoration and sustainability of water-based resources within the Les Cheneaux Watershed.”