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Houghton Lake 2011 Annual Report


Authors: not named

Author Affiliation: Progressive AE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525-2442

Journal: Project No: 55520101, for the Houghton Lake Improvement Board, September 2011

Abstract: The lake board commissioned a management feasibility study of Houghton Lake that was completed in January of 2002 (Smith et al. 2002). To address the widespread milfoil problem, a whole-lake treatment with the aquatic herbicide fluridone (trade name Sonar®) was conducted in the spring of 2002 as part of a five-year management plan. In 2006, public hearings were conducted pursuant to statute and the management plan was continued for an additional five years (2007 to 2011). Key components of the management plan include aquatic plant control, water quality and vegetation monitoring, information and education, watershed management, and fisheries management. This report contains a status of the project through 2011. (Appendices not included due to file size limitations)