pdf HL3: Houg Eco Impact 2004

Economic Impact Survey of Eurasian Watermilfoil Removal from Houghton Lake


Authors & Author Affiliation:
Jim Deamud, Houghton Lake Improvement Board
Jim E. Henderson, US Army Corps of Engineers
Mike C. Lennon, Aquatic Control Technology, Inc.
Mark S. Mangin, SePRO Corporation
Dick Pastula, Houghton Lake Improvement Board

Journal: Houghton Lake Improvement Board, July 2004

Abstract: To address the EWM problem, corrective action was taken in the spring/summer 2002 by the Houghton Lake Improvement Board to successfully remove EWM from the lake. Their selected strategy used the Integrated Method for Controlling Aquatic Plants (IMCAP*), which included a whole-lake, low dose, precision application of the aquatic herbicide Sonar*. An economic impact and property owner survey followed in October 2003. The results from this survey reported that a large majority (96 percent) of those responding were satisfied with the treatment of the lake, and that a majority, facing a similar situation in the future, would take similar corrective action.