pdf GL2_2016 Aquatic Vegetation Survey Main Report

2016 Vegetation and Weevil Population Surveys

Authors: Cortney Marquette; Sarah Walters

Author Affiliation: Enviroscience

Journal: Privately published for LCWC; November 30, 2016

Abstract: EnviroScience (ES) biologists have been monitoring the changes to the plant community in areas directly related to the milfoil weevil and its’ impact on EWM since the inception of the program in 2007. However since 2013, ES was requested to capture a more detailed inventory of submersed and emergent aquatic plant community of the shorelines of the Les Cheneaux Chain of Islands (LCI) on Lake Huron. This was initiated after the infestation of EWM increased to approximately 1,000 acres throughout LCI in 2012.