pdf BB9 2018 October Update Bat Monitoring project

Author: Scott Myers

Author Affiliation: LCWC

Journal: Unpublished Report Update 2018


A project to monitor bat activity was initiated in the summer of 2016. In 2016 and again in 2017 monitoring activity consisted of single reports from the public. This method revealed some activity in specific areas. There was no widespread coverage. In 2018 electronic bat call monitoring equipment was purchased. This equipment was used to conduct driving transects to detect ultrasonic bat calls along some of the waterfront area of the Les Cheneaux area. These transects revealed activity from six of the nine species known to live in Michigan. Professional review of the results reduced this number to five after determining that the signals identified as Indiana bats were in fact Little Brown bats. This report summarizes the monitoring activity conducted in the summer months of 2018.