LCWC Bat Survey Project Proposal - 2017

close upofnosewithfungus t1

Author: Scott Myers

Author Affiliation: LCWC

Journal: Unpublished Proposal; 2017

Abstract: A survey of Little Brown bats in the Les Cheneaux area will be conducted by the Watershed Council in 2017 to estimate our local bat population. Little Brown bats are the most common bat species in the Islands. Local bat numbers have declined in recent years due, most likely, to a fungal disease called White Nose Syndrome. Volunteers are being recruited to estimate bat numbers throughout the summer and tallies in the fall will be compared to other bat densities around the State to determine if the relative health of our bat population has been affected by the White Nose Syndrome fungal disease. Results will be published on this website, and will include an estimation of the local bat population, population trends, and resident species population estimates.